MCA/STCW 10 BST Basic Safety Training all Crew on this Motor Yacht require Stcw BST Certificates - Blue Oyster Maritime Training


Our UK and Antibes based MCA STCW 10 Courses can be run separately the course comprises of and is essential training for yacht crews. Essential training for the professional marine industry, the 5-day STCW Basic Safety Training package provides all those attending with the practical skills and knowledge to comply with the mandatory requirements of the four modules of STCW 10 basic training. **We provide Maritime English Language Training to support any of the Stcw 10 courses below.

MCA Stcw 10 Basic Safety Training

1. STCW 10 Personal Survival Techniques

Realistic, practical, sea-based training. Have you had the opportunity to test yourself working in salt water, working with strangers to organise yourself in a liferaft with plumes of water beating down on you? Our one-day STCW 10 Personal Survival Training course is run fortnightly. Run by professional trainers who have really been there and done that, our training is a cut above other courses. Here you'll get the opportunity to jump into cold water, practice survival techniques in the sea and work with others to learn survival techniques. You will get the opportunity to test yourself in fully controlled, but more difficult conditions than those usually experienced in an indoor swimming pool. Unlike real-life conditions, you'll be wearing dry-suits and thermal clothing, but we aim for all other parts of the course to be as realistic as possible.

2. STCW 10 Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention

On completion of the training, the trainee will have knowledge of the ways in which fires are caused and the precautions to be taken to minimise the risk of fire in ships. They will be able to: • Maintain a state of readiness to respond to emergency situations involving fires aboard ship • Fight and extinguish fires using fire fighting apparatus and appliances provided on board • Act as a member of a fire party, including use of self-contained breathing apparatus

3. STCW 10 Elementary First Aid

The following items are part of this course: Develop competence in: Taking immediate action upon encountering an accident or other medical emergency Knowledge, Understanding and Proficiency

  • • Assessment of needs of casualty and threats to own safety
  • • Appreciation of body structure and functions
  • • Understanding of immediate measures to be taken in cases of emergency, including the ability to:
  • • Position casualty
  • • Apply resuscitation techniques
  • • Control bleeding
  • • Apply appropriate measures of basic shock management
  • • Apply appropriate measures in event of burns and scalds, including accidents caused by electrical current
  • • Rescue and transport a casualty
  • • Improvise bandages and use materials in emergency kit

4. STCW 10 Personal Safety and Social Responsibility

To develop competence in:

  • • Complying with emergency procedures
  • • Taking precautions to prevent pollution of the marine environment
  • • Observing safe working practices
  • • Understanding orders and being understood in relation to shipboard duties
  • • Contributing to effective human relationships on board ship

Knowledge, Understanding and Proficiency

  • • Types of emergency which may occur, such as collision, fire, foundering
  • • Knowledge of shipboard contingency plans for responses to emergencies
  • • Emergency signals and specific duties allocated to crew members in the muster list; muster stations; correct use of personal safety equipment
  • • Action to take on discovering potential emergency, including fire, collision, foundering and ingress of water into the ship
  • • Action to take on gearing emergency alarm signals
  • • Value of training and drills
  • • Knowledge of escape routes and internal communication and alarm systems
  • • Effect of operational or accidental pollution of the marine environment
  • • Basic environmental protection procedures
  • • Importance of adhering to safe working practices at all times
  • • Safety and protective devices available to protect against potential hazards aboard ship
  • • Precautions to be taken prior to entering enclosed spaces
  • • Familiarisation with international measure concerning accident prevention and occupational health
  • • Importance of maintaining good human working relationships aboard ship
  • • Social responsibilities; employment conditions; individual rights and obligations; dangers of drug and alcohol abuse

5. STCW 10 Proficiency In Security Awareness

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