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Susie, March BOS Sailing Costa Brava Sunshine

I would like to thank you again for taking great care of us this week. You made the Day Skipper course a very pleasant and fun experience at the same time thorough teaching. I have learned a lot and I am very eager to practise now.

As discussed, if you can recommend me an on-line Sailing theory course, I will appreciate.

I hope to see you again on a boat or elsewhere,

Many thanks again take care!

Cedrik (RYA Day Skipper Practical Course Student March 14th 2015 photo supplied by Cedrik. Yacht moored in Llafranc Costa Brava Spain.)

Charlie gets her first job on a Super Yacht! Congratulations Charlie well done from BOS!MCA Stcw 95 Courses Blue Oyster

Hi Susie, it's Charlie Hale, just checking in to see if you are all ok and to let you know I just got my first job as a stew, I'm starting beginning of May! Thank you for all of your advice and I'm still going for deckhand but I need to get a season of doing anything first!

Hope everything is going well and that Harry is well to! Charlie

Charlie completed her MCA Stcw 95 Basic Safety Training, RYA Competent Crew, RYA Day Skipper Theory and Practical with BOS. Congratulations on your new job Charlie!

RYA MCA Yachtmaster ExamsJanuary Competent Crew Blue Oyster

Oscar passed his RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Exam with BOS January 2015. Congratulations Oscar from Team BOS

Blue Oyster Sailing School is the best intense week I've had. I paid for the prep week and offshore yacht master exam after I failed it twice already. The first day I had help getting to know my crew and the boat which was step by step instruction on how to do the stuff I got wrong on the previous 2 exams. Through the week my Instructor started getting me to understand what it takes to be a skipper and how to control and implement my crew in the best way possible. This helped me so much as this is one of the main things I needed help with. My exam was then organised and I was ready to take it.

I had food prepared for me everyday by Susie and it was perfect as she did good quantities which meant I wasn't worried about food ever. The crew for my exam was awesome as well they were doing their different courses, like Fast Track YM and Day Skipper. This also helped as it gave me the responsibility as skipper to get my crew working the way I wanted which in turn came across on the exam. So all in all I had a fantastic week with some great people and I became a RYA Yachtmaster offshore YM also commercially endorsed (as they signed me in to get the PPR course done on the day after my YM exam as well). Can't recommend this company enough.

Oscar Goodwin RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Commercially Endorsed (Oscar Photo top third from left)

Dear Susie, Vera from Russia RYA Day Skipper BOS

I'm writing to thank you for a wonderful time I've spent at your school during my Day Skipper practical course. It's been the best week of my life! I've enjoyed sailing with you greatly. Warm and homely atmosphere, a marvellous instructor, a friendly crew, fabulous home food and, of course, sailing lessons made every minute of my stay unforgettable! Moreover, I've learnt a great deal in only 5 days (though I need more practice).

I'm looking forward to sailing with you again in summer in my coastal skipper course!

Best regards,

Vera (RYA Day Skipper from St Petersburg Russia January 2015) Vera is second left next to Fast Track Student Rob, RYA Day Skipper Combined Student David, and Fast Track Students Fabiano and Jack January 2015.

Hi Susie,Mile Builder Gibraltar to Barcelona

Thank you for your note. The passage went very well and Oliver was a great skipper and trainer. I really enjoy the overall experience. Keep in touch for the future, hopefully I will find some more time away from my job to experience new sailing training.

Kind Regards

Alberto (BOS Mile Builder December Gibraltar Ibiza Barcelona at the helm)

Good morning Susie - it was thoughtful of you to send your message for which thanks.

For me the trip on 'Dogstar' was truly an experience and an adventure which I very much enjoyed. I have the highest admiration for Oliver; he is a 'big man' in every sense of the term and, of course, a superb sailor. Sharing the voyage with such a polyglot crew was a particular bonus and the yacht itself inspired our confidence and as you will know coped easily with the at times rough weather.

Please pass on to Oliver my very kindest regards...he is quite an exceptional character.

I close with my best wishes to you all. Gavin (Mile Builder December 2014 Gibraltar - Barcelona pictured 4th from left with Rob Alberto Sam Oliver and Michal)

Hi SusieNovember Day Skipper Blue Oyster

Had a fantastic time and enjoyed being with you all and want to carry on next year with my Day Skipper. Anyway just to say all cool and am in Barcelona this evening.

Thanks for everything. Milly. (BOS RYA Competent Crew November 28).

Hi Susie,

Back in Germany. I just want to say thank you for the nice week including sail to Palamos. I wish you a wonderful autumn and winter. Perhaps we will see you for a coastal skipper combination course.

Best regards Tobias

(Passed RYA Day Skipper Practical Course with BOS Nov 2014) Blue-Oyster-Barcelona-RYA-Day-Skipper-Courses

Hi Susie,

Thanks again to you all for a great week of sailing in October. It was great to be able to learn the fundamentals of sailing in only five days. It was also fun to learn to work with the other students to crew the boat. The boats that we sailed were well equipped and comfortable. I also appreciated the marina facilities in Palamos. Have you thought about putting a page up on TripAdvisor? It might make you busier than you'd like to be...I think you know that I fell in love with Spain while I was there. I hope all is well in Palamos. I really liked that little place and keep dreaming of the view from Hotel Trias.

Best wishes, Angie (RYA Competent Crew Course Blue Oyster Sailing)

Hi Susie,

We have left the boat and turned water off. Thanks again for a great week we both enjoyed it immensely. Skills-Drills-Blue-Oyster-Sailing-Barcelona-Palamos Hope to sail with you again. P and O

(Paul and Olga successfully completed their RYA Day Skipper Practical Courses 8 November 2014)

Hi Susie

Just got on board - thanks for a lovely week! Helen says thanks again for the shower gel. Have left a short guide to Palamos tapas. Hope it comes in useful. H & M. November 1st 2014

Dear Oliver,

Sorry we missed you when we left. We are all home safely, Tamara too I have copied her here. We had an excellent week, great learning, real laughs and fantastic memories.Thank you Will send photos soon, we have a lot of all of you. Costa-Brava-SailingHope the week ahead brings great sailing wherever it takes you.

Hope to sail again soon Tamara Gelise and Bryn

Watch The Video Here Of Tamara Gelise and Bryn on SY Dogstar BOS Gibraltar

Hi Susie, (Ben passed his RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Motor/Power with BOS October 2014)


Having nothing but praise for the examiner and instructor. Both very professional, very knowledgeable and also personable. Will recommend the course to all in the future.

Actually been given more time off so I’ve been on holiday since the course finished but after the weekend I will write some reviews. I had some training in the states earlier this year and the quality of training here was superior in every way.

Thank you for your help in getting this to work. Kind Regards

Ben (RYA/MCA Master Of Yachts Yachtmaster Power Offshore)

Hi Susie,

Just a quick note to thank you for a fantastic week aboard Aurora. I had a great time. More to come….photos!

Cheers, Liz Tanzimat Australia RYA Competent Crew Course October 2014

Dear Oliver,

Everything went very well albeit it has been a long trip home. I very much hope that you guys are fine and sailing on. You do not have to thank me for the good company, it was a mutual experience and I am convinced that we both could get along very well during longer trips. Thank YOU for the excellent skipper ship and teaching!

Cheers, Thomas Egloff RYA Day Skipper BOS Gibraltar October 2014

Hi Susie and Harriet,Blue Oyster Students Sailing Gibraltar Straits

I had a really enjoyable time on my course and looking back over pictures reinforces this with lots of great memories! I have been back out to sea recently and then am going for a week of racing next week so not fully land adjusted yet.

Many thanks, Issy (Fast Track Yachtmaster Student Izzy 2014 RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore Commercially Endorsed with BOS)

Hi Suzie,

I have returned from a week with Charlie on Aurora in L’Escala. I learned so much and it was great fun. Anyhow I wanted to thank you and your team so much for the week provided. It is something I have been searching for since I bought my big boat in 2010! I Would like to personally thank Charlie too. Best wishes Peter Hammond Hongkong

Dear Susie,

Thanks again for the lovely two weeks in Palamos and L'Escala, It was fun to work with you, Paul and Charlie. I enjoyed the active, open air lifestyle very much (I even lost 2 kilos) and I will definitely continue with my sailing "career". All the best and see you again soon. Dr Valentin Chapero Switzerland

Hello Susie.

We wanted to thank you for organising such a great week of sailing. Charlotte and I really enjoyed ourselves. Our crew mates were wonderful and Charlie (BOS RYA Instructor) was his usual great self. I actually know how to sail! I've attached a few pictures that I hope you like.

Thanks again and all the best. Cheers, Richard Lynch TopSource

Hello Susie,Night Sailing Blue Oyster

Finally recovered from the trip back to predicted by Rodrigo, Sunday night in Barcelona was a very short one, so yesterday was a recovery day! Now in the office I am missing the days we were on the boat, shame we could not stay longer. I enjoyed these days a lot with you guys, specially sailing. I really feel a learnt a lot and I am really looking forward to put everything on practice. Say hi to the guys over there. All the best for you all. Maybe we meet some time soon.

Take care. Cheers Jose Jesus Lopez Perez (Pepe) Switzerland

Hello Susie, Watch The Video Of Clairs RYA Day Skipper Course On Our Bavaria 46 Cruiser here.

Thank you for organizing the sailing trip/lessons for Clair's group. Annika had a wonderful time and we are very proud of her that she received the Day Skipper level. I met Charlie (BOS RYA Instructor) on Friday evening and we had a great talk about the girl's sailing week.

He is a very supportive and professional teacher. I was impressed with his sailing knowledge and also how he managed five seventeen year old girls so they would have fun but also learn the necessary skills to earn their certificates.

Thanks again and have a great remainder of the summer.

Gregory and Annika


Although a bit belated we would like to say that we had a great time on the Comp Crew course in June. The boat, instructor and weather were all amazing. Many thanks Geoff Wood.

Hello Susie! Blue Oyster Barcelona - Palamos Sail Training

Thank you! Our skipper Paul was great. He did his instruction very clearly, and despite us not having English as mother tongue he did get the message thru. Great personality and really fit for his job! Yacht was good as expected. Training was comprehensive. I think we got even more out of the course than expected! Weather was mainly on our side, regardless Thursday's bit heavier winds.

Happy summer to you and thank you again for the course!

Mikko, Heini and Juhana (July 2014 RYA Competent Crew Students from Finland)

Dear Susie!

Thank you very much for your e-mail! Got home OK (Ukraine). Getting used to the life ashore. Thank you very much for the great experience at the school and during the exam! Blue Oyster RYA Yachtmaster Charles Are you thinking of offering Ocean Theory any time soon? (Yes Vlad we run these courses on demand we'll email you directly!)

Thank you very much again! Best regards, Vlad (Vlad successfully completed BOS RYA/MCA Master Of Yachts 200 gross tons Fast Track Course July 2014 see photo below Vlad is second from the left next to Izzy)

Hi Susie,

I passed!!!!!! Had a great 3 weeks and learned a lot. I'll be doing the PPR tomorrow hangover permitting. Thanks for booking me in for the ENG1 on Tuesday. My plan is to change my flight to Wednesday back to England. I will then go to the RYA to get my commercial endorsement. I have to do this as the post to China is unreliable.

Thanks for everything, Simon (Simon passed his RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Motor Cruiser Assessment following 3 weeks of training at our Gibraltar base July 2014)

Hola Susie, Barcelona RYA Exam Students

Thanks for all your help. I'm happy I did YM with you. I will ask you for the commercial endorsements... I will call you. David (RYA Examiner) very nice guy too...Thanks! (Charles is second from right in photo).

Best regards,

Charles Balana RYA Yachtmaster Offshore. (RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Assessment Passed BOS Barcelona Base July 2014)

Dear Susie,

We recently had a week on Dogstar with Oliver in Gibraltar . It was an excellent week and I completed my coastal skipper but unfortunately Janet Dee who was with me did not get the coastal skipper and had to settle for day skipper . She would like to come back again to do coastal skipper again. Is this possible probably at the end of September and can I join her as before perhaps as a refresher or any course you might have. Please let us know if this is possible probably on the week of September 21 st- 26 th.

Many thanks Nick Dobbs (RYA Coastal Skipper Practical Course BOS Gibraltar Base June 2014)

Hello Susie, Gibraltar Fast Track Cooking Moment

Good news re the results. I am a bit transient at the moment so please would you send the certs to my usual address.

Thank you for all the food!

Blake (RYA Day Skipper Combined Course June 2014 Barcelona Base)

Hi Susie, thank you for all the information provided. Jim has just returned home after having a really good trip sailing with Oliver in Gibraltar which he thoroughly enjoyed. I would like to enquire about availability for our son Cameron to book on for 3 weeks possibly last week August/ September with the option to staying on for a few more weeks if all goes well. I think 3 weeks would be a good chance for Cameron to gauge if he would like to continue and gain some qualification to yacht master coastal.

Look forward to hearing from you soon (Cameron is joining BOS in September sailing from our Gibraltar Base in Queensway Quay) Jim or Dad to Cameron successfully completed his RYA Day Skipper Theory and Practical Course plus some mile building in his three weeks with BOS.

Kind regards Sonya Condon

Good day, good people, (Mathias completed BOS RYA Day Skipper Combined Course May 2014)

Hoping this mail finds you well. I am good, just got good news about participation in an Barcelona Gap Year Studentsupcoming art auction that could leave me geared for a bit more sailing but for now selling is on the agenda. Could you send details of the drills and skills no frills course. Also, could you forward me Peter's email address? I wanted to share some photos with the guys. If you need to ask him if its cool to forward it to me that's cool as well. Sure its fine though. See you all again soon.

Greetings, currently from Austria - Mathias (RYA Day Skipper Theory and Practical Course)

Hi Susie,

Please could you send me Inthu's surname? I've completely forgotten it and I'm supposed to be finding her on facebook. She won't be able to find me easily with a name like Smith!

Thanks once again for a wonderful course. I'll be back in touch about future extra experience options.


Dear Susie,

I had a good time aboard Dogstar last week. Oliver is an excellent teacher.

Regards, Jonathan. (RYA Coastal Skipper Practical Course Gibraltar May 2014)

Hi Susie Blue Oyster Fastrack and RYA Competent Crew Gibraltar Barcelona

Apologies for taking so long to get back to you. We had an absolute wow and ticked all the correct boxes - even got a bit of papa / son bonding done. I felt the course set and reached all the pertinent targets - great.

Please pass on our sincere thanks to Paul for his coaching and we wish him and his wife all the best with their new project. Likewise best wishes to Milo and hope his head is stuck in the book and revising hard. Trust Sabina is on the mend - knee ligaments are not a quick healing part of our mechanics. We hope to be back later on in the year to do a little refresher and take the next step toward the Day Skipper route. All the very best to you and your little girl and look forward to catching up later in the year.

Best Regards Paul James (Paul and Josh James completed their RYA Competent Crew Course with BOS April 2014)

Hi there, BOS Benson and Paul Thanks for a great week, really enjoyed it. We all got on well, which helps! Amount of food supplied was impressive & the additional cooked meals was great. Really liked Paul as a skipper, thought he did a great job, please pass on my thanks. I wish to come back & am now trying to negotiate timings. Thanks again for a great week. I'll keep you informed. Best wishes. Paul Spencer (I have some photos which I'll forward in due course) Paul has booked with us again on 26th May and 14th July 2014.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for the photos Paul and good luck with the day skipper. Blue Oyster Juliette Barcelona PalamosI only took one photo the whole week but I have attached it anyway. I had a fantastic week, we were very well looked after and Paul was brilliant. Thank you again.

Hope all's well!

Juliette (RYA Day Skipper Blue Oyster Sailing Barcelona)


I just wanted to let you know that the week on Aurora was fantastic. You looked after us really well, and I learnt a lot. Skipper Paul was also excellent. Friendly, knowledgable, and also gave us the confidence that we were in safe hands (even when it got up to Force 5 on the way back from L'Escala). If I get a chance to do my Day Skipper, I'll be back in contact.

In the meantime, thanks once again. Benson (RYA Competent Crew Course 26 April 2014)

Hi Sussie,

Thank you for the follow up. Barcelona Blue Oyster Sailing ZoranWe just arrived, and still unconscious after the long trip, early morning arrival and whole day at work. Our reflection of the trip is very positive and we enjoyed spending time with Paul very much. Paul loves sailing and extremely dedicated what he loves to do. His commitment, energy, passion for sailing, ability to communicate and reinforce the subject is unbelievable. He made huge and positive difference to our experience. His sense of belonging, positive reflection of you and your expectation, priorities related to safety of the crew and boat, ability to share his experience and sincere and down to earth relationship with all of us is amazing. He is a great asset to Blue Oyster team and we were lucky having him as a leader.

Probably, we’ll come back for more sailing and more experience some time in the future. Please send our regards to Paul and wish you and Harriet very best.

Sincerely Barcelona BOS Zoran and Dubja with Walter

Zoran (Zoran and his Son Djuba completed our RYA Combined Day Skipper Course 3rd May 2014)

Hello Susie,

Thank you and yes, I did enjoy my days there, it was exactly what I had in my mind and what I needed, of course I still feel I need a little bit more Sabina was a really good choice for our Instructor. Best wishes to you all.

Previous years of Testimonials are available on request. Thank you for taking the time to give feed back on our Sailing School. Susie Capel Principal and Chief Instructor BOS.

BOS Students met up with Alex Thomson Hugo Boss and Neutrogena prior to the Barcelona World Race here students helped lay Hugo Boss on her side for stability tests.


Sadly Hugo Boss and Alex were forced to retire due to rig failure that brought the mast down 2015.